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Early Praise

Can Buddhists Wear Mascara

(and Other Things I've Googled)

Shutta Crum

author of When You Get Here

This is not a book you are holding in your hand. It is a window into the sometimes crazy, sometimes sweet, sometimes despairing world we live in. So, climb in...and take a deep gulp of the poems that are offered. You'll come away satisfied. 

Tara D.

Goodreads Reviewer

This is such a brilliant and moving collection of poems. Anderson has the rare gift of mindful self-awareness...Her capacity to beautifully "undress" messy and painful dualities invites readers to consider their own buried contradictions, sorrow, and longing. Her book also feels necessary right now in our polarized country -- offering tender tools for disarmament and dialogue. 

Abigail M. Prout

Author of Walk Deep

Jenny Anderson is a contemporary jester. Few poets can simultaneously make you laugh and bleed. Each poem is a mini story exploring the relatable pulls of addictions and thoughtfulness. This book is a compassionate (and thoroughly entertaining) celebration of the irony of being.  Prepare to be delightfully called out!

Zoe Fishman

Author of The Fun Widow's Book Tour and 5 other novels

Jenny bravely tackles coming of age in her forties - her triumphs, losses, growth and regression as she faces the sobering reality of her own mortality with gratitude and a familiar degree of fear. I saw myself in her poetry and liked my reflection - warts and all. You will too.
Can Buddhists_Cover 3D Full.png Award-winning collection, Homebound Publications Poetry Prize, Jenny Noble Anderson Poet

RISE-Paintings & Poetry

Gallery Show

What: RISE! Artwork by Emma

          Greenhill featuring poetry

          by Jenny Noble Anderson

Where: Taliafero Gallery

            St. Johns Cathedral 

            Jacksonville, Florida

When: April 4-May 12, 2024


Book Launch/Signing

What happens when Poetry Month,

Independent Bookstore Day,and the

release of Jenny's new collection collide? 

A signing extravaganza with other local

authors, of course!


This was a fun event and I am grateful to 

everyone that came out! Stay tuned for

details on upcoming readings and 



Another Stellar Showcase!

unnamed_edited.jpg Upcoming poetry showcase, award-winning poets read their work
20220410_145333.jpg Poetry showcase, Poet Jenny Noble Anderson reads her work
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