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Meet Jenny

Jenny attended a public school in Memphis, TN that (miraculously) prioritized the arts. A visiting poet named Robert Mickey left a particularly bold impression. He burst through the classroom door proclaiming, "I see a pool of imagination before me in that pencil sharpener!" Now THIS was a language that Jenny understood--the marriage of words, playfulness, and possibility. 

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in English, she shifted direction to pursue her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work. The isolating conditions of the pandemic proved fertile for Jenny’s creative pursuits, and after more than fifteen years as a therapist and sobriety coach, she dialed back on clinical work to focus more intentionally on writing. 


When she isn’t scribbling down new poems, Jenny is checking in on her coaching clients, collecting shells along Florida's Atlantic coastline, working as a Guardian ad Litem volunteer, painting, transporting her son to all of the things, and camping. Camping is her favorite because it means her son, husband, and dog are trapped. 

Jenny is the author of But Still She Flies: Poems and Paintings and Can Buddhists Wear Mascara (and Other Things I’ve Googled). Her work has been featured in The Breakwater Review, (a) river rising: Anthology of Women’s Voices, The Moss Gossamer Anthology of North Florida Poets, A Gathering of Poets 2, and The Eunoia Review. Jenny was a finalist for the 2023 Perseroff Prize in poetry, and winner of both the 2022 Gold Nautilus Book Award and 2023 Homebound Publications poetry prize. 

20221026_163615.jpg Jenny Noble Anderson at a poetry retreat in Rhinebeck, NY

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